Another Racist publicity stunt?

Another Racist Publicity Stunt? Many are questioning the motives behind a popular clothing brand’s choice of images.

A Swedish clothing brand have come under fire from millions of angered consumers via the internet, after the company featured a new clothing line with black child modelling a hoodie with the words “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” on there. The picture was shared by millions and has since been removed from the brands website, however many feel the damage is already done and was done intentionally. Given the many processes of how any image makes it onto any company’s website, many are now calling it a distasteful marketing ploy to gain publicity for the brand. The idea of being purposefully racially insensitive as a technique to boost status and sales is in itself very distasteful and annoying, especially to those who are the victims to this. In 2017 a similar scenario occurred with a popular body cleansing company’s campaign. Following that, the advert was removed, a public statement of apology was made and it appears all has since been forgiven or at least returned to normal. The image, which appeared two days ago, has led people to boycott the brand with a few notable musical artists openly stating online, that they will no longer be developing lines alongside the company following this episode. Counter meme’s have been made and shared on social media sites following the public uproar. One notable favourite meme features the young model and the offensive words replaced with an image of a crown.