Have You Tried… Riley’s? LUR Review


Services: Tropical Food Specialists

Location: Unit 5, Luton Indoor Market, Lu1 2TA

Opening Times: Mon – Sat 9am-5pm

Owners Heritage: Jamaican

Contact: 01582 453243/07841 999370


New Year, New you? If you have made resolutions or promises to yourself this year, around the notion of a healthier eating, a cleaner diet or perhaps even a regular detox, then you definitely need to try Riley’s! Having branded themselves as Tropical Food Specialists, Riley’s have accumulated a vast range of items that will entice all year round and long after our resolutions have met their untimely but predictable ends. *Hides Eyes*

Riley’s, located at unit 5, within the Luton Indoor Market, have such a friendly team of staff, you could easily feel like casually hanging out there (think of an episode of Cheers and replace all the characters with local faces, cheerful banter and warm smiles). The fact that the staff have such a warm rapport with all the customers and other traders, means that nothing is too much of a request and if you require assistance with something, even if it’s something they don’t specialise in, they’ll happily point you in the right direction, for example: of a fellow stallholder.

At Riley’s, you will find yourself browsing and basking at the variety of delights in not one, but two market stalls! The team have decided to expand their range and variety to make sure that everyone is catered for and that the products are responsibly sourced (not replicas of tropical foods but direct imports) from farmers, producers and original specialist brands from the Caribbean and Africa. They stock an impeccable range of fresh produce, imported snack favourites such as Cheezees (from Trinidad and Tobago) tinned goods, fresh & dried spices, seasoning and pepper sauces from all over the world, fresh African and Caribbean breads and cakes, traditional remedies, soft beverages and alcohol (including rums from the islands *hiccups*) and not forgetting, patties; both hot and cold.

The Motto shared from the Riley’s team was “Riley’s… flavours that remind you of home!” and for us at Luton Urban Radio, they’ve nailed it, right here in Luton Town. A word to the wise, don’t be too hard on yourself if you struggle or fail to stick to only purchasing the items on your shopping list when shopping  at Riley’s, it happens to us every time!