HOAX: Be Aware Of The Post Claiming To Be From WHO Giving Out Free Internet Data!

The free internet is allegedly meant for access to information on COVID-19/Corona Virus, and requires users to share a message on Whats App to get it.

A link circulating on Whats App claiming that the World Health Organization is offering free internet to help people access information on COVID-19 is a HOAX.
According to the post, people interested in the offer should share the post to 14 contacts on Whatsapp to qualify for 1GB of data daily until April 30.

A screenshot of the WhatsApp message

Instructions on the page asking users to forward the message on WhatsApp

However, WHO Spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic said that the message is not from the organization. In an email response to a query by PesaCheck, he added that the message is one of several circulating on social media platforms that WHO has had to debunk.
WHO has also cautioned against sharing sensitive information or sending money to people by claiming to represent the organization, and has issued guidelines on how to verify the authenticity of information allegedly from the organization.
Be warned therefore that this post is a hoax. These are just people who are circulating wrong news to draw traffic to their websites so do not fall victim.

Knowledge is power so help share this post with your friend so that they do not fall victim of such hoaxes.

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