Kanye West says he is distancing himself from politics

Three weeks after a bizarre White House meeting with US President Donald Trump, rapper Kanye West says he is distancing himself from politics.

Key points:
•West tweeted said he felt he was used to spread messages he doesn’t believe in
•He added that he will be focusing on being creative
•West has previously said he and Mr Trump share “dragon energy”

West, Mr Trump’s biggest celebrity supporter, had said the President made him feel “like a superhero”, and that wearing the Trump campaign’s iconic red Make America Great Again hat gave him power.

But in a series of tweets, West has seemingly backflipped, claiming that he feels like he has “been used” for his influence.

“My eyes are now wide open and now realise I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in,” he tweeted, without specifically mentioning Mr Trump or the Republican party.

He added that he would now be distancing himself from politics to focus on being creative.

West — who once claimed he would run for the US presidency in 2020 — also sought to distance himself from a new campaign that seeks to draw African-Americans away from supporting the Democrat Party

The singer and fashion designer, who has said he is bipolar, also said he “never wanted any association” with the campaign launched last weekend, called Blexit.

West, 41, was linked to the campaign after its leader, conservative activist Candace Owens, said he had designed the logo for the movement’s hats and T-shirts.

“I introduced Candace to the person who made the logo and they didn’t want their name on it so she used mine,” West tweeted on Tuesday. “I have nothing to do with it.”

West posted his comments just a week before US midterm elections on November 6 and after months of erratic behaviour, including describing slavery as a choice . SOURCE: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-10-31/kanye-west-says-he-is-distancing-himself-from-politics/10451460

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Video: Kanye West said Donald Trump made him feel like a “superhero”. (ABC News)

On October 11, he met Mr Trump in the Oval Office and launched into a rambling 10-minute-long speech carried live on television in which he said Mr Trump made him feel like a superhero and referenced the existence of an alternate universe.

Earlier in the year, West posted a picture of himself wearing the MAGA hat, said he and Mr Trump shared “dragon energy” and said he loved the President like a brother.

Rapper Kanye West shows President Donald Trump a photograph on his phone of a hydrogen plane in the Oval Office.
Photo: West showed Mr Trump a photo of a hydrogen plane and urged him to replace Air Force One. (AP: Evan Vucci)

After widespread criticism of his comments, he released a song with T.I, where he defended his support of Mr Trump and slammed the idea that “all Blacks gotta be Democrats.”

His wife, Kim Kardashian, was a public supporter of Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign and has previously distanced herself from her husband’s ties to Mr Trump.

She also visited the White House earlier this year and pushed Mr Trump to grant a pardon for a drug offender.