Kendrick Lamar made his acting debut on ‘Power’

KENDRICK LAMAR’S talent knows no bounds. From rapper to performer, the Pulitzer-prize winning artist is one of the best in the game – and now he’s venturing into the acting world.

Lamar made his television debut on gritty TV series Power.

In the show, the Damn hitmaker played “a drug addict” named Laces, who assist Kana (50 Cent) and handles some dirty work for his rivals.

Power executive producer Courtney Kemp said: “Here’s an artist that we respect and he wants to play in our sandbox.” He also added that the Compton MC “showed up to win” for his scripted small screen debut.

Whether Lamar’s Laces will be an ongoing presence on Power looks to be an open question itself. “I can’t tell you that,” Kemp replied to laughter when asked if the rapper could return for more Power. source :