Meet Lavz: Luton’s Sweet Heart.

Hailing from Luton just north of London, Lavz is a standout creative force in a scene currently populated by a wave of similar artists. She carefully blends Hip-hop, R&B, soul and jazz, to create a unique and attention-grabbing sound. Her lyrics speak of truth in a relatable tone from a favoured & flawed person.


In My Way (ft. Toria Akin)

Lavz a released her latest single “In My Way” featuring soulful vocalist Toria Akin. This song narrates the story of the faith and resilience needed to overcome situations in life that may stop you from fulfilling your purpose. The lyrics speak of inspiration to people who need a reminder that every journey has its ups and downs and we must hold onto the truth to endure. The easy-going production of the song allows space for the lyrics to be clearly heard and considered by the audience. Lavz has a confessional tone throughout the song, affirming the listener that their experience isn’t unique and one that they face alone. She shares a story of how she sometimes gets in her own way. The chorus featuring soul vocalist Toria Akin includes layers of encouragement in the immediate call to action in the chorus beginning with the words ’Gotta keep moving, gotta just keep on striving

To download “In My Way” click here

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