Wakanda Forever! Black Panther Strikes Again

Undoubtedly, the most talked about film of this year and one that filled me with so much pride as I took my family along to the cinema to see Marvel’s first black superhero film Black Panther. With a stellar British and American cast, bright colours and attention to the vibrant culture, it was a cinematic event not to miss… and if you haven’t seen it yet, then it is available to download and watch on Sky Cinema.

Black Panther, centring on T’Challa, the king of an fictional African country, was an outsized success both commercially and critically. The film which starred Chadwick Boseman as the titular hero, grossed $700 million in the USA and more than $1.3 billion worldwide, and is also a contender for the Oscars. The movie became a defining cultural moment, especially for the black community. I mean when was the last time, you have seen thousands of black boys, girls, men and women lining up to see a film, some even doning Kente prints and afrocentric hairstyles to get a dose of the action?

The storyline for Black Panther 2 is a mystery, but whatever the next instalment has in store for us, we will be not be disappointed as Ryan Coogler can choose to stray from the comic book story.  There’s no core Black Panther narrative to follow, and with the comic book portrayal of T’Challa veering from troubled monarch fighting white supremacists to bold adventurer who fights yeti and samurai alike to superior strategist outthinking Iron Man and ever onward, there are any number of directions a second Panther movie could take and still claim to be true to the comic book source material.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige was obviously keen to sign him up again for the sequel. “We definitely want Ryan to come back and that’s actively being worked out right now” Sources say the plan at this stage is for Coogler to write the script next year with an eye to start production in either late 2019 or early 2020.

Marvel and parent company Disney, however, have not made any official announcements about Marvel’s slate of movies beyond the release of the next Avengers film in May 2019 and a Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel in July — and plans could shift.

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